Terms and Conditions of Engagement and Survey Contract

The company agrees to perform a limited Visual Survey (inspection) of the residential structure at the above address and to provide the client with a written opinion as to the apparent general condition of the structure’s components and systems, including identification of significant observable deficiencies as they exist at the time of inspection.

This report has been prepared solely for the Client named and or their solicitor. This report may not be copied, reproduced, emailed or passed on in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever unless expressly authorized in writing by Client and/or Dwell Healthy Homes Limited. It has been prepared solely for the benefit of the client.


A minimum of 24 hours is required otherwise a cancellation fee of $150.00 will be charged and due for payment.


In both new and older premises any existing conditions known or possible conditions that may become an issue, the vendor or vendor’s agent is required to notify the surveyor at the time of the inspection.

Scope of Survey

The Building Survey is conducted according to the NZ standards NZ S4306:2005 but only the issues/notes of concern are reported. Under the Standards, the scope of the Survey is limited to a visual Inspection of the components of a premises which the survey has reasonable access to and being in their clear line of sight.

The G.E. Protimeter – Survey Master Meter AND the Trotec TC650 moisture meters will be used in conjunction with the survey, around accessible joinery, windows, doors, walls, or identified risk areas, however these are aids only and their results on their own are not conclusive.

Refer to “Limitations of Moisture Checks” page in each report.


Any areas that are concealed, contained, inaccessible or cannot be seen, because of walls, ceilings, floors, insulation, soils, vegetation, furniture, stored items, systems, appliances, vehicles or any other object, will not be inspected or included in the report. The Client agrees to assume all the risk, for any condition or problems that may be concealed at the time of the inspection.

Nothing will be dismantled during the survey and there will be no invasive checks or testing performed unless otherwise requested, in which case would likely be done on a separate inspection by specific request and written consent of the property owner.

Items and Conditions not included in the Standard Residential Property Inspection are as follows:

  • Alarms, appliances and pool/spa equipment are not inspected, no appliances or equipment will be dismantled and no determination of their efficiency will be made.
  • Special feature appliances and items may be commented on as being present but shall not be tested. Their effect on the building may be referred to, and this includes and is not limited to the following systems: air conditioning systems and controls, central heating, vacuum, irrigation, solar panels and heating, private water and sewerage; pools, baths, ponds pumping systems, or any item that is subject to a Special Purpose property inspection report as per NZS 4306:2005.
  • Commenting on or assessing the presence of formaldehyde, lead paint, asbestos, mould.
  • Concealed or covered dry rot, pipe & electrical work.
  • Prediction of life expectancy or outcome of any item, system or possible events will not be made.

The Building Surveyor will not discuss estimates of repairs or property values.

The written report is not a compliance inspection or certificate for past or present codes or regulations of any kind and does not imply or represent any warranty, guarantee or insurance policy. The report is not a substitute for a final inspection and walk through and acceptance of the property by the client.

Recommendations may be made to have freestanding or inbuilt fireplaces, equipment or wiring/plumbing checked prior to purchase by an independent registered tradesperson or installer.

Reasonable, Safe Access

‘Reasonable Access’ means access that is safe, unobstructed and which is within the Surveyor’s unobstructed line of vision.

Ceiling space: a minimum clearance of 600 x 600mm opening access door that can be safely accessed from a 3m ladder and reasonable standing access if required.

Sub Floor area: a minimum 600 x 600 mm opening access door and a minimum crawl space of 600mm vertical clearance.

Roofs must be able to be safely accessed from a 3m ladder or have a clear line of vision and will generally not be stepped on especially if wet, otherwise closer inspection will not be possible.

Standard Property Report

Any report is not a certificate of compliance of the property within the requirements of any Act, regulation ordinance, or by law, or as a warranty or an insurance policy against any unseen problems developing with the building during the inspection and in the future.

The inspector cannot discuss property values or estimates of repairs to remedy defects as these will have to be done by experienced specialists.

The Client understands that the Surveyor has had many years industry experience and training, and has specific training in the procedures of residential building surveys (inspections).

Disputes and Limitation on Liability

The client understands and agrees that any claim against the accuracy of the report, in the form of errors or omissions is limited to the failure on the part of the inspector to follow the New Zealand Standard; Residential Property Inspection NZS 4306:2005 (a copy is held at our office for viewing if required) or can be viewed on-line.

The client agrees to notify the company or inspector of any dispute in written form, within seven working days of discovery from the date of inspection.

The client further agrees that with the exception of emergency conditions, the company and inspector will have no liability for any claim or complaint if the site conditions have been disturbed, altered, repaired, replaced or otherwise changed before the inspector can re-inspect the claim.

The client understands and agrees that any failure to notify the company or surveyor as stated above shall constitute a waiver of any and all claims for said failure to accurately report the condition in question. In the event of making a claim against Dwell Healthy Homes Limited you need to contact our office immediately and request a claim form to be sent.

This pre-inspection acknowledgement of terms, conditions, and disclaimer must be signed by or acknowledged by email (or post) as being agreed upon and returned promptly) to Dwell Healthy Homes Limited prior to the report being dispatched or any claim will not be recognized as a valid claim.

Debt Collection

If payment is not paid within (5) days from date of invoice, all costs incurred by the company and those associated with debt collection will be added to the value of the invoice and interest will be charged at 5% compounding monthly.