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Extensions and alterations

Indoor outdoor flow is the alteration most guaranteed to add value to your home. Not only that, you’ll enjoy home life so much more. Maybe you want to create space for enlarging another room by putting your laundry in a cupboard, maybe you need a new room built because another baby is on the way. Whatever your plans are, talk to us. We’ll give advice based on our decades of experience, we’ll get the design down on paper, and we’ll get the builders in.

Kitchen and bathroom renovation

A modern kitchen and bathroom can really change your home. Not only will you enjoy living there so much more, if you decide to sell you will have added real value to your property, and potential buyers will be much more interested.

Bathroom renovation is often required to correct dampness problems and unhealthy design, as older buildings frequently have dark, damp bathrooms which are vulnerable to leaks and conducive to mould. Modern bathrooms are much lighter, more spacious, and feature more useable design. They are nicer to live with and make property easier to sell.

Kitchen renovations can bring so much more pleasure into meal preparation, family time and life in general. Regardless of whether you want to open your kitchen up into an open plan kitchen and dining area, or if you simply need a better space, a good kitchen renovation will add value to your property.

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The Parade - kitchen before

The Parade - kitchen before

Alterations to bathroom

The Parade - kitchen finished