Home Maintenance Programme

Protecting, adding value and peace of mind for your property investment

Our Home Maintenance Programme is designed to give you peace of mind, maximise the value of your investment and prevent costly unexpected repairs, by monitoring and budgeting for ongoing regular building maintenance.

If you decide to sell your home the record of home maintenance will provide buyer assurance, and your real estate agent will be able to use this reliable record of property maintenance and repair history as a sales tool.

Consider this your property’s warrant of fitness, with regular checks and repairs as required ensuring that everything is in tip top condition, so you can enjoy a warm, dry, healthy home that will retain its value.

Dwell’s Home Maintenance Programme provides you with:

  • A clear and detailed report on the condition of your property
  • A list of any regular maintenance that will be required, notes on any likely future issues
  • A scheduled time-line of maintenance that your home will require over the next 5 – 10 years
  • A reminder, and trades recommendation service, to help you keep maintenance up to date

Once the desired level of building maintenance is achieved, and your online record reviewed, Dwell will issue a Star Rating for your home.

Let Dwell take the hassle out of home maintenance and work to ensure your property investment is safe.

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A Dwell Maintenance Plan means a healthy home