House Inspections

Dwell are fully committed to helping our clients enjoy warmer, drier, healthier homes. We are dedicated to thorough house inspections, and all inspections include a professional assessment of the structure and weather-tightness of your property, including moisture testing.

House inspections are wise if you are buying a home, selling a house, or worried about a damp unhealthy home.

Buying A House?

A house inspection is an essential step when buying any home or commercial real estate. Avoid property pitfalls like leaky homes, damp houses, and renovations that do not comply with the building code.

A house inspection is also often a requirement for acquiring a mortgage with your bank or lender.

If you want peace of mind, ensure that you book your inspection with Dwell Healthy Homes.

Buying a house?

Selling A Home?

Give buyers confidence with a pre-sales building inspection, and avoid delayed or failed sales due to the buyer’s building report showing up issues.

A property inspection before you list your home gives your real estate agent another sales tool, it gives buyers confidence, and it provides you with the opportunity to find and fix any problems before listing your home.

Many real estate agents use this house inspection service to remove barriers to property sales.

A Building Envelope Inspection is a useful building check which provides property vendors with peace of mind about the weather tightness of the house. Important for all home types, it is especially useful for plaster clad homes, and can be done in two stages if remedial work is required. We will create with an initial bullet point report then re-inspect following repair, and the marketing report for use when selling the property.

This is also an ideal building inspection option for landlords who wish to check the integrity of their rental property.

Selling a home?

Worried about a damp home or leaky building?

If your home is cold and damp, or you have noticed mould, a house inspection is the best way to find out what can be improved. A sound house should be dry and easy to keep warm without outrageous power bills.

Look out for mould which normally grows in wardrobes, on curtains, ceilings and carpet. A mouldy home poses health risks to everyone, especially to children and asthmatics.

The Dwell house inspector will thoroughly check the property for moisture using a non-invasive moisture testing process, including all the usual areas of concern as well as areas with obvious visual signs of current or previous moisture damage.

Our experience in this field means we can detect moisture ingression (within the limitations of our metering and visual inspection and can recommend the best repair options and damp control methods. If moisture is detected invasive work will be required by a contractor. Read more about our moisture testing service.

Worried about a damp home or leaky building?

House Inspection Report Options

  • Full Report: A full written property inspection report, including photos, detailing any areas of concern as well as listing the positive factors of construction and maintenance recommendations.
  • Bullet Point Report: This building inspection report lists any areas of concern. No photos will be included in this report.
  • ‘Walk Through’ Verbal Report: These are often requested for people who are intending to bid at an Auction and want to know if there are any issues to review. No report will be written unless requested at a further cost.
  • Safe & Sanitary: This report is for ‘Unauthorised’ or ‘Unknown’ works or “Final sign off” not done, and other issues found on LIM Reports before 1992. The report includes photos as required for the lodging with the Council records on your behalf. This survey can sometimes be in two stages, as if there is work to be carried out to rectify and comply with regulations of the day (prior to 1992), then following the work completion we re-inspect the property so the report can be finalised for the owner for lodging with Council. The Council will then attach it to the Property File. We can lodge the report with the council, but there will be an additional Dwell admin fee and the council filing fee.

View our case studies or contact us now to book a house inspection.

House Inspection Report Options