It’s Painting Time

12 March 2014, 8:38am


With the height of summer passing and the social rounds that take up weekends and week day evening have passed, NOW is a good time to book in and complete those paintings jobs that are essential to keep our homes protected from cracking, drying out or letting in moisture during winter months.  The weather in March and April is really conducive to repainting & staining in Auckland as it is not as hot and humid and paint applies better.


  • Touching up or repainting /staining/oiling wooden window frames, sashes and stills
  • Barge boards, external doors, door steps, check your claddings for cracking during summer.

It’s old but true; preparation, preparation, preparation, then paint.

  • Use the correct type of paint for the surface and situation.
  • Use registered contractors who have integrity and use environmentally appropriate products.  Call us at Dwell to discuss your maintenance programme.
  • Repair where it’s required before painting.  If there is rot, have it checked out as the source may not be at the site where you see the rotten wood.
  • Avoid buying super low cost paint, you get what you pay for – have a conscience.  Is the quick flick socially and economically sustainable in the long term?

If you are painting your entire house exterior call us, we will visit your site with a paint specialist and specify the right types of paint finishes to use for your surfaces and roof.

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