Tips For a Healthier Bathroom

12 March 2014, 8:38am


These four simple tips will help you to have a healthier bathroom with minimal effort:

  1. Always rinse shower walls (if you have a hand piece) and wipe down walls and shower base with a rubber squeegee to minimize the soap and body oil build up.  This minimizes cleaning time for you or your cleaner and keeps shower dry.  Leave shower door open so the walls cool down quickly in warm weather, slowing down the environment for fungi breeding.
  2. Fit a timer and auto sensor to your bathroom extractor fans so that they stay on for 5-10 minutes after you leave the steaming bathroom, ensuring that steam is removed.  Excellent for rental properties.
  3. Leave a window open in bathroom and fit stainless steel security stays.
  4. Clean bathrooms every week including window frames, sills & skirting’s to prevent fungal and mould growth.

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