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Home Maintenance

For the majority of buyers, a residential home is their biggest single investment, yet so many hundreds of homes are showing signs of neglect and tiredness within 3—5 years from purchase date. The main reason is absence of a Maintenance Plan, and a Budget to carry out this plan.

Building maintenance is critical and a sound home maintenance plan will help you budget in advance for building and home repairs.

There are many variables in the amount of property maintenance work that ‘s required to be done and time frames, depending on age & construction of the property, durability of materials, location and environmental factors.

For example a home on the boundary of the southern motorway in Greenlane and Ellerslie will require more frequent washing and painting than a similar property in a new estate or subdivision like those in areas that are located well away from a Motorway or industrial area. Bush enclosed sites and sea front locations create a need for increased maintenance also.

During our inspections we witness the decay, degradation and depreciation of properties through lack of regular planned maintenance, so we want to develop an awareness through assisting our clients to develop a budget and offer a service to do on-going maintenance checks & to facilitate the work through our network of trades people.

Through an initial building inspection, immediate and short term requirements for the next 1-2 years can be identified and can also be budgeted for in the application for mortgage to purchase the property. Then a long term 2– 10 years plan can be made enabling the property owner to spread the cost through budgeting long term.

Talk to us about the Dwell Maintenance Plan – there’s no time like the present!