A Dwell house inspection will reveal your opportunities to make your home warmer and dryer.
1. Inspect    2. Assess    3. Decide.



Home maintenance is made easy with a Dwell Peace Of Mind Maintenance Plan.
Regular maintenance protects and adds value to your home.



You wouldn’t buy a car without having it checked.
A property is a major investment. Make sure it is a sound one.



  • Buying your home?

    A property inspection is an essential step when buying a home. Avoid property pitfalls like leaky homes, damp houses and renovations that do not meet the building code. Buy with peace of mind and avoid unforeseen costs!

  • Selling your home?

    Ensure buyer peace of mind with a pre-marketing building inspection! Issues discovered on a buyer’s inspection can result in sales being delayed or falling through. Find any problems and deal with them before listing your home.

  • Own your home?

    Protect your investment with a Dwell Maintenance Plan for your home. A Dwell Maintenance Plan assists you to establish a history for your home.

  • Renovating your home?

    Our network of Auckland builders are specialists in renovating and extending homes. We do bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, extensions, and alterations.

A Dwell Maintenance Plan means a healthy home

Your property is a major investment, and planned building maintenance is the best way to protect the value of your home. With a Dwell Maintenance Plan we will run a regular programme of checks to pick up any problems before they become expensive. With the Dwell Maintenance Plan you can budget ahead to avoid expensive surprises, and build a maintenance history, which will be an invaluable service record when you decide to sell.
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Dwell Healthy Homes

Dwell provides a range of house inspections, home maintenance, renovation or alteration and moisture testing services designed to make sure that your property is a warm, dry, healthy home.

We have an extensive client base of thousands of satisfied homeowners and property buyers, as well as leading real estate agents, lawyers, mortgage brokers, bank lenders, insurers and brokers. Don’t take our word for it – read what our clients say about Dwell here.

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About Dwell Healthy Homes

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